Overview of Oracle Business Intelligence tools and technology

Overview of Oracle Business Intelligence tools and technology

A successful business is one that can increase revenue while tightly controlling costs. This requires organizations to streamline their operations and improve efficiency. And it is for this reason that organizations use enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) applications. While these applications greatly simplify processes and add value to the business by providing useful data, managing such data and extracting the necessary data from multiple applications becomes a long-term challenge.

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While the information available in these systems is really valuable, organizations often don’t use it to make critical business decisions. Data must be complete, current, adequate and easily accessible for companies to use it at the right time. But in most organizations this is not the case. Databases often fall short and only add extra burden to the business. But some analytic applications can change this trend.

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Effective and efficient analytic applications are able to extract data from multiple business resources and can help understand the health and effectiveness of business operations. One such efficient Oracle technology solution is the Oracle business intelligence suite of applications that provides effective tools to help organizations mine their data for timely insights that can in turn help employees, enable better planning, and make smarter business decisions.

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Oracle Business Intelligence tools are built with unique capabilities to pull data from multiple databases/applications and deliver useful information to decision makers at the right time, in one comprehensive view.

Because Oracle Business Intelligence solutions are built with the expectation that data resides in multiple locations in an organization, they come with pre-built integration with the Oracle family of transactional applications. Second, these applications are built using the standards-based methodology, which allows easy integration with existing IT environments and supports all leading relational database management system products, security architectures and transactional applications. They also support a large number of concurrent users and large enterprise deployments.

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With their pre-built integrations and built-in best practices, Oracle business intelligence applications not only overcome all challenges related to data growth, information security, enabling you to gain greater insight and value from a wide variety of data sources and applications such as Oracle E-business Suite , Oracle PeopleSoft, Oracle JD Edwards, Siebel, etc. but also provide fast and timely access to analytical data, helping enterprises with strategic planning and smarter decision-making.

For example, Oracle business intelligence tools support businesses at various levels by providing a next-generation analytics platform that helps enterprises meet growing business needs, while also minimizing IT and administrative costs.

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